Meet Kristi

My name is Kristi Meeuwse and I teach kindergarten in Charleston, SC.  Having taught 24 plus years in Charleston County Schools, I have been involved in technology in some capacity for most of those years. In January, 2011, my kindergarten class started a 1:1 iPad pilot for the school district. You can read how it all got started here.  Our achievement results so far have been outstanding.  As a Literacy Lab for the State of SC, I mentor teachers in implementing the Reading and Writing Workshop Model in their classroom as well as have observers come to see the model in place in my classroom. The addition of 1:1 iPads and personalized learning has changed my whole approach to teaching literacy. I am also a very proud Apple Distinguished Educator!

Outside of the classroom

  • Staff development in literacy
  • Staff development in technology
  • presenting at technology conferences
  • iPad classes
  • Smart Board classesmentoring 001
  • Public speaking
  •  Mentoring
  •  Curriculum planning
  • iBooks Author Writer
Social Media

iPads in Education





Apple Education

Lowcountry Parent

College of Charleston

Core of Education Podcast

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Post and Courier-iPad project

Angie Mizzell

Channel 2 News

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College of Charleston

Seen Magazine

My work with iPads, and especially with iPads in early literacy, has been the most rewarding so far.  I hope to share some of those experiences here.  Welcome to my blog!

4 thoughts on “Meet Kristi

  1. This is a great blog, thank you. We are about to introduce iPads in our EYFS (UK 3-5 year olds) so it’s great to see the way someone is using them with younger children!

      • Hi Kristi,
        I love your blog, it has been so helpful to me. I wrote to you a year or so ago asking your thoughts on some issues related to an ipad grant that I wrote. I have been implementing a set of 5 ipads in my 1st grade classroom this year. Our district decided to go 1-to-1 next year. They have asked me to create a training video on the ipad to demonstrate to other teachers how to implement either Explain Everything, Notability, GarageBand, or iPhoto. I have watched numerous tutorials myself, but I’ve never understood how to make a video on the ipad while demonstrating on it at the same time! Can you tell me how to do this? Also, is there one of those apps that you would recommend me demonstrating over the others? If you have time, could you send me an email?

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